Dmyto Vakulenko

Head of department - Professor – DSc, PhD,

Work at the MI department since September, 2002.


In 1996 graduated the I. Pul'uj Ternopil State Technical University specialty "Biotechnical devices and systems", and specialized Electronic Engineering in 2002 graduated from the Ternopil State Medical Academy Horbachevsky faculty "bachelor and junior specialists Medicine" .

Candidate of Engineering Sciences (equivalent to Ph.D.) of the 2008 theme of the thesis - "Models and methods of optimization processes of bone reconstruction" Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University. (Specialty 01.05.04 - system analysis and the theory of optimal solutions).

Doctor biological Sciences (equivalent to DSc) of the 2016 theme of the thesis - "Information system physical reabilitation" Shupyk National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education. (Speciality 14.03.11 - Medical and Biological Informatics and Cybernetics).

Scientific activities:

Medical informatics, medical information systems, mathematical modeling, systems analysis, methods of processing and analysis of biosignals, arterial ostsylohrafiya, image medicine.

Our projects

Software complex (PC) Oranta-AO is embodied on the basis of the method Arterial oscillography (Vakulenko DV, Vakulenko LO), which offers a new application of electronic pressure monitors. Method ARTERIAL OSCILLOGRAPHY - a unique technology for analysis of pulsations during blood pressure measurement. read more

Oranta-MIS Medical Rehabilitation Information System is a comprehensive solution for rehabilitation centers (departments), Integrative Medicine Centers with the ability to plan, record, monitor the work of specialists, patients. read more