History of the Medical Informatics Department

Foundation and Evolution of the Department

Department of Medical Informatics with Physics and a Special Equipment founded in July, 1998 after reorganization of Medical Physics Department. The Head of department have appointed the senior scientific employee, Ass. professor, TSMU graduate - Arsen Guduma. Under his management the new curriculum on medical computer science according to which studying of a subject occurs during 6 years of training has been developed, bases of work on personal computers, and also modern technologies of processing of the medical and biologic information are taught. In 2001 Arsen Guduma has protected the thesis for a doctor's degree. Has published over 60 scientific works, has received 2 patents.

In 2001 Department has headed by the ass. professor, the candidate physical - mathematical sciences, and today the professor, Dr.Sci.Tech. Martsenyuk Vasyl Petrovych. Under his management the following textbooks prepared: "Medical computer science. A training course", "Medical computer science. Designing and uses of databases","Medical computer science. Tool and expert systems","Medical computer science. Methods of the system analysis", "the Basis of higher mathematics. The computerized course" (all in Ukrainian). In English prepared 2 monographs and 2-volume the textbook for English-speaking students

In 2005 Martsenyuk Vasyl Petrovych has protected doctor's the dissertation " Models and methods population dynamics in the program environment of support of system medical researches " which was carried out also on the basis of Department of the system analysis and the theory of decision-making of Department of cybernetics Kiev national university by him. Behind a theme of the dissertation it is published more than 100 scientific works, 4 copyright certificates on computer programs are received.

MI Department Today

In 2012 Department of Medical Informatics created as the next reorganization of Department of Medical Informatics with Physics and a Special Equipment. In 2013 department reallocated to the Institute of Morfology TSMU: