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The Department of Medical Informatics was founded in 2012 as result of the reorganization of Department of Medical Informatics with Physics and a Special Equipment(founded in 1998).

The Head of the department now is Professor, DSc, PhD, Vakulenko Dmytro Viktorovych. Read more...


Academic activity of the department aims at providing the necessary knowledge and practical skills of information technology usage in professional medical activities, mastering the main methods of Information and Computer Technologies application in medicine, processing and analysis medical data, studying Data Science methods and Data Mining techniques application in medicine, managing the principles of Databases and Expert Systems, researching Internet medical resources and student knowledge monitoring.

Medical Informatics is taught to the 2th-year students of the Medical, Dentistry, Nursing and Foreign Students faculties according to the credit-transfer system.

Information Technology and Computer Modelling are taught to the 2th-year and 3th-year students of the Pharmacy and Foreign Students faculties according to the credit-transfer system.


The general theme of the scientific research work at the department during the period from 2000 was "Creation of medical and biological data models". From 2008 also added direction biosignal analisys for Atrerial oscilogrphy and ECG signals.

General research areas of activity

    • Biostatistics

    • Developing the methods and tools for processing of biomedical data, including simulation algorithms for analysis

    • Modeling the biomedical processes.

    • Clinical Predictive Modeling

    • Data-Driven Modeling of Usual Clinical Care

    • Developing the elements of medical information and telecommunication systems.

    • Software of training processing.

    • Problems of distant education learning.